Technical Program

Below you will find the 2017-2018 program schedule to be covered at our monthly meetings (unless otherwise noted).

The definition of “Hands-On” training is one method educational systems and businesses alike use to help teach people to learn a certain task. It provides real-world experience by allowing the trainee to get her hands directly on whatever he/she is learning, creating a sense of empowerment. Please join us the second Tuesday of each month to strengthen your knowledge and become a better plumbing design professional.

  1. January 9th, 2018
    • Topic: Legionella & engineered solutions minimizing risk through control of water flow and temperature
    • Presenter: Craig Boyce – Sales Manager with Kemper AIP Metals, Inc.
  2. February 13th, 2018
    • Topic: Fire Pumps 101
    • Presenter: Terry Noonan with United Fire Protection
  3. March 13th, 2018
    • Topic: Plumbing Cost Estimation From a Sub-Contractors Perspective
    • Presenter: Tim Hattfield – Estimator with RoyalAire
  4. March 13th, 2018
    • Topic: Roof Drainage
    • Presenter: Craig J. Froeter – Managing Member with Froet Industries LLC.
  5. April 10th, 2018
    • Topic: TBD
    • Presenter: TBD
  6. May 8th, 2018
    • Topic: TBD
    • Presenter: TBD
  7. June 12th, 2018
    • Topic: TBD
    • Presenter: TBD

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